Basin Modeling

PetroDynamics Software Technology

We develop stratigraphic analysis tools that help you integrate your seismic, well log, and outcrop data into a verifiable geologic interpretation.

With these tools you can:

Expand/CollapsePredict Lithofacies Distributions

Expand/CollapseInversion of Rock Properties from Stratal Surfaces

Expand/CollapseValidating Stratigraphic Interpretations

Expand/CollapsePredict Source Rock Formation

Expand/CollapseEvaluate Investment Risk

Expand/CollapseModel Hydrocarbon Generation

Expand/CollapseModel Fluid Migration

Expand/CollapseModel Seismic Reflection Patterns

Expand/CollapseConstrain AVO Analysis

Expand/CollapseDepth Convert Seismic Data

Expand/Collapse2D Backstripping

Expand/Collapse1D Backstripping