Some questions about using PHIL and Basim:

Expand/CollapseHow do I compare my model results with my data?

Expand/CollapseHow do I deposit sediment from the right margin of the model?

Expand/CollapseHow can I access Time to Depth conversion in PHIL Utility?

Expand/CollapseConcerning Phil Utility, how do I obtain access to the various options of the right part of the window?

Expand/CollapseWhat is the significance of the slump velocity deposition factor? How does it work?

Expand/CollapseWhat is the significance of the TAPER LIMITS in the Flexural Loading Parameters (left and right)?

Expand/CollapseIs it possible to get carbonate sediments (mainly micritic suspension) without a reef building somewhere in the profile and in the same time as siliciclastics?

Expand/CollapseHow to make an estimation of the siliciclastic sediment supply, expressed in sq. m/ky?

Expand/CollapseHow do we take into account the distance, if the extent of the layer is greater than the extent of the profile?